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SNEZANA BERIC (artistic name EXTRA NENA) born in Belgrade, Is an eminent music artist, the prime lady of the Serbian shansons, with exceptional vocal capabulities: she composes, writes poetry, prose and she is also angaged in artistic artistic photography.

She acquared her musical education in the solo-singing in the Class of Professor Dorotea Spasic, at ''Slavenski'' School of music, in Belgrade.

Thanks to her unusual voice quality and range, this artist has been successful in many different musical genres – folk songs from urban areas, romances, pop songs, jazz, Italian canzone, French shanson and film music – performing her concert repertoire in seven world languages: English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Greek and Russian.

She recorded ten solo albums, with numerous audio, video and compilation editions and over one hundred recordings for Radio Belgrade. She also took part in a number of show programs for TV Belgrade, as well as other TV stations around the country.

She won twenty five awards at music festivals in the country and significant success performing at the prestigious ''Eurovision Song'' contest in Swideen (in Malmo) in 1992. This resulted in several independent editions with foreign producers and successful colaboration with many composers from around Europe.

She acomplished a series of acting roles for Television and Theatre (''Arizani'' play at Terazije Theatre, musical ''Woman in love'' at Sava Centre in 2008.)

She published a book called ''An aunt in love''. In that fairytale, withouth giving in to children, in an imaginative, inspired and suggestive say she talks about a more beautiful and just world. Her book of poems ''Tthe way to the heart'' is true flower bed of extoled love verses inspired by human yearning for belonging. In the third book of poems ''Do not forget me'', the author uses sublime and spontaneous manner to present personal feelings, with an undisguised and uninhibited honesty of a romance singer in love.

She graduated from The Academy of Art Culture with the theme Music in a Drama Theatar - composer Zoran Hristic. She received her MA with the theme on the subject ''Rebranding of Belgrade Philharmonic Orcestra'' at Megatrend University, Faculty of Culture and Media, in Belgrade, where she is employed as an Assistant and currently she is on PhD studies.
She is the author of several scientific and professionally specialiyed papers presented at scientific meetings in the country and abroad, in the field of marketing management in culture and art.

She lives in Belgrade.